Everything you need to know about Containers For Sale Near Your City

There are more than 20 million shipping containers in the world. Every year they make more than 200 million transportations of objects all around the planet.

A standard 20 feet container has around 1170 cubic feet space. That’s enough to completely store an entire apartment inside and move it from one place to another. Since Shanghai is the busiest port in the world for shipping containers, we can say that you can transport your home there in a matter of a few months via transport ships. More than 40 million containers pass through this port every year.

If you’re about to get a container for your needs, you’re probably wondering where to get one. Over 97% of them are made in China. Since you can’t go to the other side of the world for them, you should look for some near you.

To do this and to be sure you get a good sample, you must know and follow certain rules. Okay, maybe not rules, but you should definitely have some information about them and what you can expect during the search. Read on and learn more!

Where to look for

Unlike before, today everything exists on the internet. Before it, you had to look for companies in the telephone book, search for the address, do some meetings, go on the site, inspect the situation, and then make a decision.

Today, you just open the internet, type in used shipping containers for sale near me and let the search engine do the magic. It will highlight more options. Most probably all of them already have web pages with offers, pictures, and history about them.

All you have to do is write a mail or pick up the phone to make the deal. Much better than doing all the work like before, right?

Company reputation

Before you make a decision to buy one, however, you need to be sure who you’re buying from. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for used or new containers, you must inspect the reputation of the company.

Look through their history and see if they worked with other people before, find out if they are reliable, and see what kind of stuff they are selling. If you find a bad review or comments from previous customers that they received goods that are not as described on their page, you shouldn’t proceed with the deal as you might be scammed too.


It doesn’t matter if you’re buying old or new. Ask for a warranty in case something happens. You can never know where that particular piece was. Your seller probably does but if it’s not in their favor they probably won’t tell you because this won’t help in the sale process.

Ask for a warranty for a period of time. During this time you’ll be sure that if something happens and your container breaks up, the warranty will cover it. Why is this important? Did you know that every year around 1500 containers sink in the oceans and seas all around the world? They get smashed, fall from lifting machines and all sorts of things. You don’t want yours to be one of these.

Also, a standard piece of these giants lasts for up to 25 years. After this time they must be recycled. If you’re being sold an old item which life is about to end, you won’t get a warranty. If the seller refuses to give you one, you’ll know that you’re getting something that’s in a poor condition and might become useless very fast.


It’s easy if you live on the east coast of China, but if you live in Michigan, for example, it will much harder to find a good item.

Finding a selling company in Los Angeles means the transport will cost a lot. Containers are often huge and it takes a special vehicle to transport them. That’s why it’s always smarter to look for a company or even an individual selling their stuff that’s nearby.

Every mile too far will mean spending more money on it. If you can’t find anything good close to you, it may become more expensive to order the container than actually do the job you’re thinking of.

Used vs New

Brand new ones cost up to $5000. The price after one trip falls up to 600 US dollars. A container going on one trip is basically new and the price is much smaller.

When we’re talking about the USA, it’s much harder to find an affordable new container. Those made in the USA are pretty expensive, and the ones made in China are simply too far away.

That’s why it’s best to look for a used one that is well preserved and hasn’t spend too many miles on the sea. The waves of the sea are not going to hurt the material that they are made of, but be sure that after 20 years of rocking on the sea and bumping from one seaport to another, everything will be so damaged that will become useless.


From everything mentioned above, you realize why used ones are more wanted in the states than the new ones. To control this, officials have come up with a method that keeps everyone under control.

This is done by adding special serial numbers on them and CSC plates which are in a way a license and a passport for them to go from one port to another. This way the officials always know which one visited what port and is easy to track their movement. Look up more information about this on the following link.

The importance of this lies in the possibility of frauds and criminal. A container is a huge amount of space and 20 million of them around the world is impossible to be controlled thoroughly. So, when something illegal happens and the lead goes to the docks, the police can track down the number of the suspicious one much easier.

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