4 Ways Animals Can Block Your Plumbing

It isn’t just wild animals that can-do damage to your drains, domestic pets like cats and dogs can clog your plumbing if you don’t keep it well protected. Many things can clog a drain, from sanitary pads to nappies, but many of us forget that pets and other animals can-do damage. In some circumstances, they can clog a drain so bad they you’ll need a professional to fix the issue. If you think an animal or your pet has clogged your system and you need affordable plumbing in Braintree, go online and start searching for recommended plumbers.

Follow these steps to pet-proof your drains and secure your plumbing system.

  • Cover pipes & drains
  • Don’t wash pets outdoors
  • Don’t put litter down the toilet
  • Watch where your dog digs in the garden
  • Protect drains

Here are just four ways a wild or domesticated animal can clog your drains.

  1. Getting Stuck – A small, agile animal can easily get inside your drainage system and access your home. Sometimes their attempts aren’t always successful, and they perish in your pipes.
  2. Building Nests – There are numerous animals that can build nests in your drain pipes or on the tops of vents. They close up a vent and cause serious problems for many homeowners.
  3. Eating Plastic Pipes – Animals like rats can chew through plastic pipes and cause leaks in your system.
  4. Accumulating Hair – If you wash your pets indoors, their hair will eventually clog your drains. It is stronger and more coarse than human hair.

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